Why I’m Not Doing Secret Santa


There are two reasons why I’m not doing Secret Santa this year and most likely never again. Let’s start with the simple one first.

Simple Reason: There aren’t anymore anime out there I want to watch (unless someone wants to recommend something in the comment section) and I don’t care what my friends or other people watch. “But every anime fan has a backlog”, you say? Yeah, that’s a myth.

More Complicated Reason: I already have Akatsuki no Yona on my back burner as I didn’t give it much of a chance when it first aired, and because of some certain people I hang out with, I’m thinking of revisiting Star Driver for review purposes. On top of that, I have my rewatch of Space Dandy, the last season of Ranma, and around ten or so seasons of The Simpsons to do if I can tear myself away from dealing with my video game backlog. With all that, plus the number of things I’ll have to catch up with this season once I can get motivated and everything else that goes on in my life, it’s hard to fit in even more anime.


Sorry guys. But hey, at least Draggle will be happy that I won’t be forcing him to finish Air Master (which I still need to finish rewatching, but I just keep playing Episode 11 over and over every time I attempt to do so).

PS: Sorry jstorming, but I don’t have the time nor the motivation to do that blog carnival thing.

PPS: If any blogger wants to join Secret Santa, here’s a link to the blog that hosts it with details on what to do there.

5 responses to “Why I’m Not Doing Secret Santa

  1. It’s cool. You do what you have to do. You’re under no obligation to do anything. Just my way of giving a shoutout to some of my favorite blogs.

    I have a backlog but some anime has been on there for years and probably will stay there for years to come. I have a penchant for rewatching old favorites, so I’m not always motivated to stay on top of the new stuff.

  2. What do you think of Akatsuki no Yona so far? I thought it was pretty decent.
    I’m happy that you’re watching The Simpsons, it’s one of my all-time favourite shows. But, I’ll warn you that the amazing quality peaks at around Season 7-8, and then becomes absolute shit.

    • I only watched the first two episodes of Yona and I really wish the show had aired ’em on the same day, because it felt like an hour-long episode that was compromised

      I’m aware of The Simpsons considering I watched the show regularly in high school and college. However, I never actually marathoned a full season in order and such the way I did South Park and it’s been so long since I last watched it that I can’t share in the love like most Simpsons fans do. Hence, my (slow) rewatch.