Examining Sky Girls’ Opening Credits

Not that I’m a Mell fan, but man that song of hers is obnoxious.

One thing I don’t think most opening credits in anime get enough flak for are the actual visuals that are used in them. You know how people gave some praise to Hyouka’s second opening because it showcased Houtarou’s reclusive nature only for his friends (specifically Chitanda) to bring him into a world of warmth where he’s actually capable of getting angry at his friends for drawing on him? And in doing so, it not only captured a small portion of what the show’s story will be about, but it actually had visual personality, even if the song wasn’t all that great? Yeah, how many opening credits with visual personality can you name, guys? Even if the song is good? In this season alone?

For once in my life, I’m kind of glad that I remember Sky Girls’ existence, because it’s a prime example of how to make your opening credits completely lifeless. If you can ignore the opening song – and trust me when I say it’s hard to do so due to that terrible Engrish that could give migraines to deaf people and dolphins – you’ll notice that just like the show, there’s nothing that stands out at all. Not even the ass-shots with tails are all that since they’re only shown for like 3 seconds at max throughout the entire minute and a half it takes for this torture to end. You want to know what this opening does contain to fill out the time?

A bunch of generic quick shots of all the characters in the show with the main girls getting a little more screen time in order to establish one of their personality quirks so that you know they are the main girls. The girl with gray-pinkish hair is obviously the girly one of the group since she’s crushing on a boy (she’s also the brains too, but you can’t get that from this OP in any visible way). The girl with black hair is obviously the serious type. The blonde one is shown late in the middle in order to indicate that she won’t be arriving in the show until much later, whilst also establishing that she’s going to be an annoying haughty loli. And I haven’t seen this show since it ended, but I remember her contributing nothing substantial to the plot at all.

That just makes up the first half though. The second half shows the three girls (again, blondie is not shown just to indicate her late arrival) getting into the mecha and then fighting some monster we don’t know and doesn’t attack all that much whilst the music gets more triumphant before ending with said monster exploding. That’s literally it. It doesn’t tell you much about the show other than it’s girls fighting black flying aliens (which incidentally, is pretty much all it is). The aliens don’t even look impressive either. I mean have you seen the monsters in the first Attack on Titan opening, even though they didn’t attack anyone in it at all? They looked big and gave you an idea of the tension the show would contain in its scale. Sky Girls’ monsters look just like everything else about the show, let alone the OP: that it exists.

Oh by the way, if you can’t tell who the main character is in this show after watching the OP, welcome to your first anime.

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    • 2007: a year of many anime classics and even more forgettable junk that I know the names of anyways because that was the year I started watching anime weekly and my selection standards were pretty bad when I was 17.

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