Planning For The Fall 2015 Anime Season

Might be a little premature to post this now, but school is starting everywhere and the weather has gotten cooler, so whatever.

New season will be on us in a little more than a month and before my colleagues start posting their own thoughts about what they’re looking forward to come Fall, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring early. So without further ado, here’s what I’m looking forward to in regards to Fall’s output, along with short descriptions:

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens – It’s Star Wars.
  • The Hateful Eight – Tarantino is a man after my own heart.
  • Spectre – Can’t think of many people who don’t go see Bond movies willingly.
  • Star Fox: Zero – Let’s if this Nintendo IP can actually become relevant again.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X – Yes, it’s because of Smash Bros that I’m actually paying attention to this franchise.
  • Just Cause 3 – So I heard they’re adding a glide cheat that just like the hookshot and parachutes, is always on.
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Daredevil was the best new show to come out this year, so I’m looking forward to seeing if Jessica Jones can coast off its success.
  • The Peanuts Movie – Pessimistic but curious about this.
  • Crimson Peak – F*ck Goosebumps. This is the October horror film people should be paying attention to.
  • Persona 5 – Excuse me, I need to change my pants.

Five minutes later…

All in all, an interesting bunch. Gonna have to strain my wallet obviously, but it’s not like all these things come out at once. And if the reviews are bad, I just won’t bother with Star Fox: Zero. That said, the Wii U is in desperate need of more good games, so I hope that it succeeds…


Oh wait, you guys wanted me to cover the anime coming out in Fall? Well truth be told, I might be taking a break from watching airing anime next season – bar Ushio and Tora since I’m already watching it now and there’s no point in putting a hiatus on it, and Lupin assuming its Italian airing gets subbed timely. Whilst keeping up with so many airing shows like I have this season has been fun in its own way, it’s been getting in the way of other things reality-wise and even blog-wise (cough Porno Watch cough). Hell, even my own health has started to get affected a bit. Granted, me getting back into the video game scene might be a bigger contributor to that problem, but let’s pretend that’s not true, shall we?

Now, this isn’t going to affect the blog’s output in any way, especially since I don’t really write about currently airing anime anymore. In fact, I’m hoping to increase said output with this break (namely, blogging more hentai). I’m still going to review something every week, and since I’m about to finish a large number of shows this season, I’ll have plenty of anime to write about. Throw in all the other things I review, particularly the non-anime things I said I was interested in above, and you don’t have to worry about me going anywhere. Standing On My Neck is here to stay, although it would help if you could aid me in keeping it alive, so here’s an obvious Patreon plug.

As for when I’ll watch next season’s anime, I want to say over Christmas break, but I need to look at stuff for my Twelve Days and end-of-year posts, so I’ll try to get to them by at least the Thanksgiving holidays. Unless Persona 5 gets released around then I mean.

I mean look at how fucking cool the promo images are alone.

I mean look at how fucking cool the promo images are alone.

So those are my plans for the Fall season. Out of curiosity, what are yours?

PS: Here are the actual anime airing next season that caught my eye (although I’m not necessarily going to watch them) after browsing MAL’s seasonal chart, which has pretty much made all season previews I read and could possibly write useless by this point:

  • Concrete Revolutio – Oh Bones, why do you keep taking good premises and making them a chore to sit through?
  • Kagewani – Can’t find any information on this, which is generally a good thing in my book.
  • Kowabon – I’m always up for experimental horror.
  • Seraph of the End 2 – Just keep digging your grave, Wit.
  • K 2 – I guess the fujoshi will be happy.
  • Subete ga F ni Naru – A-1’s constant failures to produce anything worthwhile for the noitamina block (and in general) will never stop being fun to mock.
  • Noragami Arigato – Got to keep up with all the cool kids. Unless it’s Monogatari I mean.
  • Owarimonogatari – Fuck. No.
  • One Punch Man – The trailer made me chuckle and I’ll always look at the popular stuff provided it belongs to a genre I’m interested in.
  • A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet – It’s a LN adaptation by a studio I’ve never heard of before, but the premise appeals to me, so it looks like it’ll be worth reviewing.
  • Attack on Titan: Junior High – ????
  • All Of Silver Link’s Output aka LN adaptations – Why does Silver Link still exist? I mean, besides the obvious reasons.
  • Garo 2 – …Okay, I really need to go to the dry-cleaners.

13 responses to “Planning For The Fall 2015 Anime Season

  1. Thats a fairly good sum up of my thoughts on bones in one sentence.
    Anime is in need of some more horror themed stories so based on that I want kagewani and kowabon to make an impact.
    I keep playing over in my head that while Sakurako at first glance sounds like a good setup I keep seeing that “light novel” set of words and my hope for it is lowered.
    I’ve been told that onepunch man is a send up of the shounen action genre, a genre I have always ran from, I don’t know if I could bring myself to enjoy a skit on it.
    I’m far too behind in the monogatari franchise now that catching up just isn’t feasible.
    I’m a lupin fan, having seen a few of the movies and the first season and the Fujiko spin off but Lupin’s always been hit or miss at times.
    Garo I am looking the most forward to, the first one came out of no-where and was a surprise of that season for me, the concern however is the change of cast and staff.
    Noragami, for a shounen action thing, the fights were cool, but yeah…everything in between, lets not go there.
    Nostalgia makes me want to care about the new utawerumono but…white fox…white fox…Tears to tiara was a form of torture, Akame was so poor that I got depressed/sad watching it. Steins gate had likeable characters and a plot in there somewhere but dragged the silly stuff out too long and then became too mediocre/too little too late and there was that useless movie it got.
    Hataraki only had its moments and I felt jormungand really only turned into something watchable in its second half. Sonico was a completely forgettable comedy for me. They aren’t a good studio, they’re worse than a1 pictures even their stuff I did get something out of was too uneven/flawed.

    • It’s going to be hilarious if One-Punch Man ends up sucking.

      Honestly forgot about White Fox’s new show. Which just goes to show how little I care for that studio.

  2. For the other stuff you mentioned, I think this new star fox game will be what returns the series to form after some average follow ups to lylatt wars.
    Hateful 8, I never miss a Tarantino flick and if I can I’ll even rush out to the Christmas day premiere everything else be damned I’m that eager to see it.
    On spectre…I still need convincing on Daniel Craig as Bond, but I’m a longtime bond fan so I can’t really get out of seeing it.
    I’ve been scared off those new star wars movies due to the prequel trilogy .
    I haven’t a clue about that Jessica Jones character but that daredevil series I felt was a huge improvement over the film.
    On peanuts, I just don’t think that type of humour is for the screen, it doesn’t transfer well from the comics/strips. The comics amuse me still though.
    Bah! Goosebumps, I may avoid it based on that its a kiddy thing but I was an avid reader of the books growing up.
    thanks for putting me onto this crimson peak thing, had never heard of it. The modern horror movie scenes a mess, we need more good ones.

  3. I really hope Garo 2 is good – it would be a shame to have a bad season after such a great first season. I don’t understand why people like Noragami so much; the story is okay but the humor is cringeworthy. One Punch Man looks good, but it would be hilarious if it turned out to be bad after all the hype. Personally, I’m looking forward to Sakurako the most because its been a while since I’ve watched a good mystery series. Hopefully the mysteries will be better than something like Gosick.

    Movie wise, I’m looking forward to Spectre and The Hateful Eight (the music is being scored by Ennio Morricone who did The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!)

    • I’m not big on Garo 2’s writer, especially since he’s doing Bones new show at the same time, but hopefully Mappa reigns him in a bit.

      Not looking forward to Sakurako personally. Not that all the LN adaptations I’ve seen have been bad, but there’s still too much shit associated with the genre to get hyped for it.

      Noragami I don’t get the huge hype for, but there’s enough worth writing about IMO.

  4. Ditto on Kowabon, caught my eye immediately when I was browsing the chart a few days ago. I’m in the middle of a Steins;Gate rewatch and I still love it so S;G 0 is exciting. I’m two seasons into Monogatari and loving the style so Owarimonogatari interests me. Also, obligatory mention of Teekyuu for being the over-the-top, shallow, bite-sized fun that it is. I’m not caught up, but considering the episode length I could slam the rest out this evening.
    New Tarantino is always good. I’m way too far back in my Tarantino backlog to worry about Hateful 8, though.
    Apparently I’m the only one I know who isn’t excited by new Star Wars. Not because I think it’ll be bad (Lucas is no longer involved so it’ll at least be better than the prequels) but because Star Wars is such a prevalent part of American pop culture that I’m absolutely sick of the franchise.
    I’ve only seen Dead or Alive, so I’m pretty neutral on Lupin. It should be a good time, at least.
    No new game releases that excite me, sadly. Well, except Doom, but that’s next spring.
    Gonna Google Crimson Peak, the name alone is intruiguing.

      • Yeah, I mentioned it because one of the other commenters brought it up. Just watched the Crimson Peak trailer. I don’t really consider myself a fan of gothic horror, but I did enjoy The Woman In Black, and the trailer looked pretty promising. That said, I’m kind of irked they already showed so much of the ghost in the trailer- I’m more a fan of the slow building Alien kind of horror where you only get a full look at the monster in the end.

  5. After experiencing this very tepid anime season, I don’t think I’ll ever bother watching currently airing animes again. I have yet to watch Ushio and Tora but man, my reception so far with my most two favorite shows right now (Gangsta and Shirayuki-hime) is just lukewarm. They’re barely good.

    • Yeah. Alot of people (including me) pegged this season to suck and it did suck.

      Ushio and Tora has been see-sawing in quality lately IMO because the main characters don’t really have much stakes in regards to their episodic adventures at the moment and the budget has been iffy. Still alright, if only because it makes something happen each episode.