Some Sunshine Award Thingy

Man, I am real tired right now, and I’ve still got anime to check out. Welp, let’s see how JC Staff’s new thing is…what’s that? I’ve been nominated for some Sunshine blog thing? Okay then. I guess I can write something quick before I get to seeing how JC Staff bores me this season. Oh, and thanks for the noimation, fiddletwix.

1: What first drew you into the anime fandom?

When I discovered Anime Nano for the first time and everyone was blogging Clannad. I don’t really remember the actual details.

2: What’s one anime that sticks close to your heart?

I dunno. Ranma 1/2? It was the first anime I ever liked with knowledge that it was an anime and going back to it takes me back to a simpler time, even if the later seasons don’t hold up very well.

3: Has an anime ever made you cry? If so, which one and why? (Mark spoilers!)


4: Do you collect anime merchandise? If so, what’s your favorite type of merchandise?

I collect the DVDs/Blu-rays of anime I like. Never saw the appeal of anything else tbh.

5: What’s your most hated/disliked anime?

There are too many bad anime in the world for me to just give one answer to this. I’m pretty harsh on any of the popular trends though (the mecha one in the early 00s, the VN one in the mid-00s, the moe one in the late 00s-early 10s, and the wish-fulfillment/meta LN adaptation one right now), so pretty much everything by A-1 Pictures is designed to churn my stomach.

6: A character that nearly ruined an anime that you like?

Let me tell you about a girl named Ange from Umineko no Naku no Koro Ni.

7: What’s your favorite type of show to discuss on your blog?

The ones that have a story.

8: Are you a fan of Japanese music?

Not particular, no.

9: Have you every been to Japan or plan to go?

Back in 2009 when Endless Eight was airing.

10: What anime show or movie would you pick to show to someone who has never been exposed to anything anime in order to show them how cool it can be?

Spirited Away


As for continuing this, sorry if these questions come off as lazy, but I don’t really like asking faceless masses what they think unless it’s for a poll, so…

1. Do you keep up with any Netflix shows, and if so, which ones?

2. Have you ever built your own computer?

3. Any recent pop music that you’ve been liking?

4. Do you think we’ll ever solve the mystery of the Black Dahlia?

5. Are you employed?

6. Do you like Mario platformers?

7. Is Adam Sandler secretly a government experiment to make the world a dumber place?

8. Why was the Harlem Shake ever popular?

9. Any opinion on the old man from the Six Flags commercials?

10. What is the appeal of Symphogear?

As for blogs to nominate…er…I don’t really read anime blogs much these days, so I have no idea who to nominate. Draggle? Maybe Frog or Fathomlessblue? How about E. Min–oh wait, he’s already been nominated. And Bobduh is usually too busy with his own stuff. Maybe I should give Cara something to write about, although given that this is the start of a new season, I’m sure she’ll be busy.

Anyways, I don’t have the energy to choose blogs, let alone alert them on their own platforms. So anyone who wants to participate in this – including the people I linked for no particular reason – comment below or link me randomly or something. Just remember that you have to answer all my questions, post the sunshine image above at the top of your post, and ask ten new questions to who you nominate.

Now back to watching some shitty cartoons.

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