Spy Review — Still Not Seeing The Acclaim

This one’s going to be short due to vacation and the fact that this is a comedy from a director who has yet to make anything deserving of a thousand words.

I’m not a fan of Paul Feig. I’m not a fan of most of the acclaimed comedy directors we have these days (ex. Judd Apatow, Jason Reitman, and whoever directed Superbad and Adventureland), but even by those standards, the acclaim that the guy’s films get baffles me. He has some funny bits to him and his recent employment of Melissa McCarthy has done much more for her career than practically everything else she’s starred in. But his stories are bland and he’s a real slow-paced director, which is a death knell for a comedy if you don’t give the audience much to chew on. Still, I was really hoping for Spy to be the one film of his I’d love after reading the reviews and such considering I like that sort of spy stuff when done tongue-in-cheek. Plus, it had Jason Statham and Rose Byrne (I can take or leave Jude Law). Sounds like my sort of thing right?

Sadly, whilst Spy is better than Bridesmaids and The Heat, it still failed to really make me laugh. After one really funny joke in the beginning that I won’t dare spoil, the laughs never got more than an “okay that was actually pretty funny” out of me at best. The interactions between Byrne and McCarthy was funny because of how the former’s “I give no fucks” attitude contrasted with the latter’s “I always give a fuck” one, but almost every other joke was safe and predictable, and the plot had no surprises to it whatsoever. And like I said, the slow pace just dragged ’em out far past the point when they stopped being funny. The action was decent, but nothing to really write home about either. Not that I was a fan of Furious 7’s frenetic cutting, but it would have been more preferable to the stuff in this.

Honestly, I’d rather watch the Jump Street movies again.

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