Ore Monogatari aka My Love Story: Episode 1 — Maybe?

Now this show, I sort of get why people were excited for. At least, based on the first episode.

It’s not great in terms of plot (I know the “big guy and little girl” formula is unusual for shojo, but why limit ourselves to just one genre in regards to a storytelling device?) and the setup promises some of the usual “will they or won’t they” frustrations down the line, but it has a good atmosphere and the humor revolving around the handsome best friend got some chuckles out of me. As long as Morio Asaka doesn’t overdo the cheese like in, say, Chihayafuru, I’m more than willing to continue watching this. Because despite my general attitudes towards the genre, I do like romances. I wouldn’t have at least a quarter of the anime on my favorites list if I hated them.


Granted, aside from Whisper of the Heart, none of them have been shojo romances. But I’m willing to give Ore Monogatari a chance to at least be Kare Kano levels of entertaining. Hope it doesn’t put so much focus on other characters that have nothing to do with the plot like that show did though. I don’t care what people say. Tsubasa’s problems were so goddamn cliche.

6 responses to “Ore Monogatari aka My Love Story: Episode 1 — Maybe?

  1. Given that you’ve mentioned Kare Kano, its probably not a good sign that I can’t remember what was going on with the side characters, when I can still years on recall the drama with the two leads, probably shows, as you said those side characters weren’t all too memorable. I felt that ore monogatari’s gimmick has carried it so far in the manga.
    They will be focusing on that friend of the protagonist soon and his family drama however soon though.

  2. ohh I liked this one. I thought it was cool, I’m also a fan of romance even though i hate most shows focused on it. I think I’ve only liked two so far, the 1st being toradora and the second oh my goddess.

  3. Well, as far as the manga goes (the Chinese fan translation of this manga is far more complete then the English fan trans) they get the “will they or won’t they go in a relationship?” out of the way fairly quickly. Like, the 2nd episode.

    What will actually take 20 episodes to get to is “will they or won’t they kiss?”

    The journey there is fun & entertaining but man, I know she looks tiny compare to you. & both of you are just kids, & it seems like she would break in two if you hug her too tightly but girls have NEEDS too!