Mikagura School Suite: Episode 1 — Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up!


This probably doesn’t deserve its own post, but I need to vent on the migraine in my head that I received after watching this.

Quite a few people were impressed with this first episode of the latest attempt at wringing substance out of that Vocaloid shit. And after watching the first episode, my only response is to react with confusion and frustration. I mean why? It has no plot, no character, no internal logic, and not a single joke was funny. The entirety of the first episode consisted of nothing happening aside from making fun of the fact that the main lead is a lesbian who loves video games (oh hi there Kirino…except with Aoi Miyamori’s voice) and that she transfers to a school where superpowers are the norm like some shitty version of Sky High. Oh wow, let’s hope that (safe and boring) joke doesn’t get old fast!


I mean not even the visuals were interesting. They’re typical Dogakobo cost-cutting tricks. Couple that with the empty energy and why would I want to watch more of this? No, the talking cat isn’t enough to keep my attention. I personally thought he was annoying.

4 responses to “Mikagura School Suite: Episode 1 — Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up!

    • Hopefully Punchline’s flying talking cat is better used, although I can’t say I’m a fan of said cat’s voice based on what I heard in the PV.

  1. The show was dry for me too. The stupid high school club setting won’t ever go away it seems. The visuals really are bland, looks almost as bad as the otaku teacher one.