The “Final” Favorite Anime List Update Notice (And Some Quick Musings on Rewatching Anime)

So I updated my top anime list again. No set number this time. Every anime I enjoy gets on (which if you know me, isn’t that many).

Said list will be updated in the seasons/years to come, but this will be the last time I dedicate a post to said updates due to the new (and hopefully final) format I’ve chosen to structure that thing. Because honestly, I can’t think of a more perfect format for me to use. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it means I can finally get free of that cursed scoring/ranking system that’s been overcomplicating things more than necessary.

We all know I haven’t really had a very good grasp on how I wanted to do my top anime list, mostly in regards to how many anime I wanted to put on there along with the usual “did you rank this correctly” or “are you sure you were correct in excluding this” doubts and such. It was a lot easier when I started the blog and had only watched a sparse amount of the “classics”. But now I’ve seen over a thousand anime – hentai included, admittedly – and it just became a pain to decide whether I should put an anime on based on how much I liked it or based on how so many other people liked it. However, after some discussions with a few friends of mine, one of them raised a very good question: of all the anime you’ve watched, how many would you actually want to rewatch in the future? And after a few months of thinking about it, I decided that would be the basis for how I’d construct my list.

Let’s be honest, how many of you guys have rewatched all the anime you consider amongst your favorites? How many of you have rewatched more than five? Three? Even one? Not saying you have to do it in the immediate future or anything – I haven’t watched Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle in a long time despite still loving those shows. But if someone asked if I’d want to watch a few episodes of those shows with ’em and something more urgent wasn’t on my plate, I wouldn’t hesitate to relive the fun for an instant. Can I say the same for something like Sabagebu? No, I doubt I’d laugh at it again. Higurashi? Whatever impact it had on me is best left in the past. Porco Rosso? I’m sure I’d still enjoy it alright, but I don’t really feel any urge to see that film again. Trigun? I’ve been rewatching that show over the last few days, but I lost enthusiasm to go further after that rather boring episode where Milly and Meryl were hired as bodyguards. As such, I can’t really consider those anime as favorites of mine, now can I?


But you know what I could watch over and over without getting tired of it? Spirited Away. I finished a rewatch of it recently, and am open to rewatching it right now if I wanted to because it’s still one of the best examples of how to use animation I’ve seen. Tekkonkinkreet? I’ve watched that thing multiple times and I’ll never get tired of seeing Black jumping fifty feet in the air with no real-world explanation regarding how he’s able to do that. Cowboy BebopDoes the fact that I bought the blu-ray release even though I already own the Perfect Legends DVD collection not indicate that I’d watch the shit out of it again if I ever gave myself the opportunity? And even though it ended kind of badly, I’m still open to watching Aku no Hana/Flower of Evil sometime in the future. Only when that realization hits you, do you know that you’ve seen an anime that you truly like.

All in all, it’s not a bad basis for a top list, is it? Well I guess it’s bad if you’re one of those people who like “all the anime” or something, but we all know that I don’t follow that principle. If anything, my adherence to Sturgeon’s Law regarding anime has gotten stricter with each passing year as I watch more of the stuff. Hell, I’ve seen over a thousand anime by now, and my current top list doesn’t even contain eighty of them, let alone ten percent of what I’ve watched. And I suspect it’ll be a long time off before the number reaches a hundred or something. I very much doubt I’ll be seeing even ten anime I’d want to take another look at in the near future. Anime ain’t exactly the movie industry in terms of quantity, let alone quality.

So with all that said, continue to enjoy reading that thing like you guys always do. Or if you don’t want to read all that, just go to my MAL profile to get the quick list of names.

PS: For what it’s worth, I’m open to watching the 2010 Trigun movie whenever the opportunity presents itself. Not putting it on my favorites list though. A bit too “fun” for my taste.

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