Here’s What I Think Of Parasyte’s Finale

That final scene where Migi helps Shinichi at his most desperate is cute (if a tad predictable due to a fantasy Migi scene occurring just as Shinichi misses Murano). Even if it did feel kind of contrived, it was a good reminder that the show shined best when the two have each other’s back. It reminded me why I became interested in this show to begin with. And it also reminded me why despite finding Murano a boring love interest – although she apparently gained a personality in her transition to college – I tolerated her role in the early episodes. I did like it.

Which is why it frustrates me that the rest of this finale was so goddamn boring. And not even in an interesting way like I expected a much hyped/controversial ending to a popular series to have. Just plain mundane.

I’ll get a write-up regarding my overall impressions of the anime sometime, but really? This was your finale? More importantly, this is the meaningful narrative that you’re supposed to get from Parasyte? That there are many different species on Earth we won’t understand, but we have to live with them anyways? That we have to keep the Earth clean, not necessarily for the planet, but for ourselves? I know the source material is old and junk, but c’mon! Even taking into account that Princess Mononoke came after the original manga, if you exclude the protagonist getting infected with a curse on his arm, this kind of story is as basic an environmental story as basic gets.

Obviously, I’m not condemning the anime just because it’s not original. Hell, as much as I praise Princess Mononoke in terms of playing with the usual roles we get from a man vs. nature story, the ultimate takeaway wasn’t exactly new when it came out either. But the way it played with said roles ultimately made the movie worth it, and I can’t say that Parasyte did the same in general, let alone in its very padded finale. The majority of the series’ final twenty-three minutes was spent on the characters reiterating the same stuff we already learned from last week’s episode and aside from those fantasy Migi scenes, it wasn’t even conveyed in an interesting way. We then get Asian Symbiote-less Carnage coming out of nowhere in order to judge Shinichi as a half-human/half-animal hybrid in the clumsiest attempts to put one last spin on the “what measures as a human” side of things I’ve seen, partly due to the fact that he was never an interesting character, partly because he has more dialogue than a Christopher Nolan character, and mostly because his dialogue is a load of shit. It’s like when the actual Carnage in the Amazing Spiderman 2 game tried to convince Spiderman that secretly he wanted to kill criminals.

I felt no tension from this episode whatsoever. Not necessarily because I never doubted that the serial killer wouldn’t get things his way. I just couldn’t care less because what was actually happening was a f*cking drag to sit through due to how out-of-place it was with everything prior (and given how Parasyte’s story is a mess in of itself, that’s saying something). It was like watching a Shin Sekai Yori episode in that it felt like the team behind this was depending way too much on the ending, forgetting to make the buildup interesting in the process, and even causing the ending to look a little sillier than it should have. I don’t care if it was in the original manga. Anime is a different medium on the whole and you need to make changes in order to accommodate that. And if the original manga is so old that its message is outdated, update that too. Un-Go’s story was updated to fit with modern times. Despite having current technology, Parasyte’s story is about as up to date as Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York film was during its time of release.

Not to mention, comparing parasytes to other species like tigers and zebras is inherently flawed as a concept. Last I checked, those animals can’t impersonate humans, much less live among them. Even the Ninja Turtles stayed in the sewers despite fooling everyone with those trench coats and fedoras.

2 responses to “Here’s What I Think Of Parasyte’s Finale

  1. The part in the episode on the bench (second pic) has got to be the worst scene in this episode. Why would they allow that, i don’t think you should ever narrate the message you were trying to convey,especially if it’s one as boring as this. It doesn’t help that it wasn’t even handled competently either. Lol murano was terrible from beginning to end, should have switched places with kana at least she was easier to tolerate. The rooftop scene was almost as terrible as the bench scene too.

    Well in the end I thought it was an okay show in the end. The second half really dragged on.

    • I honestly think the show started to suck after Shinichi transformed. That love triangle/”Shinichi turning into a monster” arc just went nowhere.