Durarara!!x2: Episode 11 — Underwhelming Climax

So many good scenes and yet the combination is so meh.

Because I figured a bunch of my followers probably don’t want me to clog up their timeline with sarcastic “shittweets” regarding shows I find pretty bad but they seem to like for some reason (I’m sure a lot of them enjoyed this week’s Rolling Girls despite me finding it completely unfunny and nonsensical as usual), these sort of episodic posts will no longer be in-depth analyses regarding the show’s progression, but instead function as the new home for my knee-jerk reactions when I watch an episode (with a little more context added, because this blog doesn’t follow the same rules as Twitter at the end of the day). I’ll be going in-depth regarding my future review for this show (as well as others), and it’s not like many of you guys read my Durarara posts to begin with, so no harm, right?

With that said, let’s copy-paste what I said on Twitter for this post with a few more knee-jerk reactions I held myself back from tweeting. This week’s episode Durarara isn’t bad. But for a penultimate episode, it’s pretty underwhelming.

I mean none of the conflicts have any tension b/c the main guys are overpowered and the villains suck donkey balls. It’s kinda fun to watch things come together, but at the end of the day, you know who’s going to win and Durarara isn’t over-the-top or smart enough to make the predictable exciting. And that was before Shizuo walked in on the scene.

Seriously, how many times have they repeated the philosophy of the Dollars in this episode alone, let alone the rest of the series?

PS: I haven’t decided if I’m going to “shittweet” about the last Rolling Girls episode on the blog or on Twitter yet. Keeping the Yatterman hate on Twitter though. It’s not like anyone cares about that show anymore.

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