Durarara!!x2: Episode 10 — More Snooze-Inducing Setup Please!

As I predicted, Durarara puts the breaks on its story in order to deliver more boring exposition, more substance-less character interactions, and more dulllllllll.

Because you guys voted for it, I’m currently in the middle of marathoning Angel Beats over the weekend so I can get a review out at the usual time. I don’t love the show or anything, but man it is the Haibane Renmei it wanted to be compared to Dull-rarara. At least that show makes something new happen each episode and for god sakes, knew how to manage its large cast – only give focus to the important players and let everyone else just chime in every once in a while. Not “lets give everyone and his dog a f*cking backstory” that adds nothing to the narrative, is not insightful, and makes me feel like you’re phoning it in. But then again, Takahiro Omori always phones it in, doesn’t he? Even Samurai Flamenco had moments where the directing could have stood to be less lazy.

So as I predicted, we get an overly-long explanation regarding why Akane is on the run and how she met Namie and Izaya, whose face is hidden for some reason. People have said that his face is hidden because it’s not actually him – and indeed the back of his head didn’t resemble him (although I can’t tell if that’s a result of the bad animation quality this show has been stuck with or not) – but would that really disguise his voice? And considering Izaya seemed to be aware of Akane setting Shizuo on him, it feels overly convoluted for him to not be the guy who told her that our favorite bartender wanted to kill her family. Anyways, Akane’s story is supposed to be about how family can have a huge influence on somebody’s social life, but it comes off really weak to me. I very much doubt this plot point will have any long-term consequences in the future and it doesn’t add much to the “city feel” or the “everybody is crazy” themes, so all in all, it was just a waste of time.

Unfortunately, the second half doesn’t pick things up in the slightest. Masaomi talks with Izaya and we discover that he’s still afraid of talking to Mikado. Well maybe the next plot point will be better? We see Kadota challenge Chikage to a fight behind a shed, but the scene cuts away just before we see someone throw a punch in order to alert other people to their location. Not very exciting. We see the Dollars get ordered to kidnap one of Chikage’s girlfriends and Mikado is on the run in order to stop that. Aoba discovers Celty’s tracks and decides to follow them That might have potential…if it wasn’t for the fact that the episode ended before we get to see anything come from it. Snoooooooore.

All in all, this episode was more transitioning without any substance to stand on its two feet. In other words, it was booooorrrriiinnggg!

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