Durarara!!x2: Episode 6 — Stalling Setup w/Russians

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You’re telling me Varona. You’d think a city full of colorful characters would be a lot more, well, colorful than this.

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This week, we’re introduced to Russian assassins, Varona and Sloane, who have been tasked by some creepy old man named Yadogiri Jinnai (the head of the corporation that used to own Ruri’s career who is now being hunted by the yakuza) to kidnap Akane due to her being a yakuza daughter and kill Anri because, um, Jinnai knows she has Saika? That’s pretty much the only reason I can think of for why she’d be hunted, let alone have Russian assassins do the job. Who wants to bet that Simon knows this duo? Anyways, Sloane is an idiot who asks the most pointless questions and Varona answers them with a straight face. Also, Sloane is big and muscular whilst Varona is slender and beautiful. Classic villain pair-up I guess.

As usual for Durarara, there’s a lot of setup in this episode, but it comes at the expense of progression. There are just way too many characters in this show to keep track of and it’s getting to the point that they feel like stalling techniques used so that each episode could end on a specific cliffhanger rather than an integral part of the story. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, but the stalling is devoid of anything I can sink my teeth into because what the characters are talking about is just comedic banter that is about 5-10% funny and the other percentage to be shallow-at-best insights into humanity’s nature. A little better than Nisio Isin/Joss Whedon, but nowhere near Ping Pong/Hyouka/Aku no Hana levels of progressive dialogue. Hell, Parasyte’s dialogue is much more meaningful than this. It’s just a pity the show repeats said meaning over and over to the point that it ironically loses all meaning.

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I mean okay, an explanation regarding who Celty’s attackers are is fine, and the setup for Anri to get attacked isn’t bad. But why the f*ck did we need to explain other things that aren’t going to be important until much later – and as such, I refuse to spotlight them on this post? Keep these episodes more self-contained, Durarara.

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  1. Crunchy Roll is really dropping the balls on the names. Vorona (Crow) and Slon (Elephant) are their respective nicknames.