Durarara!!x2: Episode 5 — Everyone’s Psychotic

Due to reality and most of the episode just introducing new characters, I’m going to keep this short with a bunch of stray notes.

– I’m finding this show’s “tell don’t show” style of storytelling to be intrusive. Yes Namie, I get that the kid – who is apparently the daughter of the Awakusu head and is named Akane – has a secret psychotic side. I got it from her face and the taser she used on Shizuo. Quit talking over her, and everyone else you talked over in this show.

– Chikage taking the amount of punches he did from Shizuo has impressed some people, but I find the extent he takes his “ladies’ man” persona to be more impressive in a sort of sick way. But what makes it even more intriguing is that said persona is taken 100% seriously. This guy means it when he says he loves the ladies and it’s not used for jokes, which ironically turns the whole situation around and makes his crushing of the purse snatcher funny. As a guy who’s fed up with what anime calls “self-awareness” and what I call “painful”, it’s pleasant to see this sort of thing. Shame Durarara is the exception rather than the rule.

– The episode mainly revolves around Shizuo and introducing the new cast through Shizuo and his desire to be normal despite being able to give The Hulk a run for his money. It’s typical “Narita setup” so I don’t have much to say other than if you’re a fan of that sort of storytelling, then you’re in for a real treat. Me? Well the positives I mentioned in the second paragraph got cancelled out by the negatives I mentioned in the first one, so overall, I’d say the episode was a mixed bag.

– It’s pretty obvious that Vorona – the blond motorcycle chick – decapitating Celty wasn’t supposed to be a tension-filled moment given that you’d need to have a head in order for tension to exist in those sorts of scenarios, but I’m not really sure what the scene replaced it with.

– Chatrooms are serious business. But I don’t really care about what happens to Mikado at the moment, so I’m not going to give it attention.

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