It’s Not What It Looks Like…Maybe

Akemi walks around the park area and notices the West brothers hiding behind a tree whilst staring at something.

Akemi: Hey guys. What are you doing?

Michael: Oh hey, Akemi-chan. Alex and I are having a bet right now.

Akemi: Regarding what?

Alex: See those two girls over there?

Alex points at two girls on the ground, one laying on top of each other in a compromising position whilst speaking words that were too far for the trio to hear.

Akemi: Yeah.

Alex: Michael and I are having a bet going on regarding whether those two are actually gay for each other or this is just some stupid yuri misunderstanding that we walked into.

Akemi: Well how long have they been in that position?

Alex: About two minutes since we got here.

Akemi: Um, if it was a misunderstanding, shouldn’t the girls have gotten out of that position by now then? Plus when you take into account that they’ve been staring deep into each other’s eyes whilst on top of one another since before you arrived…

Alex: Good point. I want to cancel the bet, Michael.

Michael: Sorry dude, but you signed the unwritten contract and…oh look, they’re kissing! They’re yuri for each other, just like I said!

Indeed they were.

Alex: Aggghhhh!

Michael puts his hand out towards his brother’s direction.

Michael: Twenty bucks, please.


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