It’s For Little Girls

Alex watches a (fictional) interview on TV with George Lucas talking about his new film, Strange Magic.

Lucas: I would just like to remark that if you did not enjoy my new film, just let it be known that it was made for the twelve-year old girl audience in mind and unless you are a male who willingly paid money to go see either of the Sex and The City movies, Strange Magic was never going to be for you and you were foolish for wasting your hard-earned cash on it in the first place. But hey, more money for me so I can make a trilogy out of it.

Interviewer: Mr. Lucas, you are aware that there are twelve-year old girls who enjoy crime films, gross-out comedies, and even your very own Star Wars franchise as much, or even moreso, than simple ugly duckling romance stories on the Disney Channel, right?

Lucas: Ha! That’s just an urban fantasy. Next you’ll be telling me that girls like to play video games.

Lain walks in.

Lain: You done with the TV? I want to play the new Gat Out Of Hell expansion pack.

Alex: Thank god. Any more of this interview and I think I might have thrown a brick at the screen.

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