Dungeons and Girls?

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Whilst the West brothers are walking around the neighborhood…

Michael: I’m just saying, maybe there’s more to Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? than meets the eye.

Alex: Unless it’s a sex dungeon, I think the title is too specific to allow for hidden subtext. I mean what does being in a regular dungeon have to do with hitting on girls?

Michael: Well maybe the show will be a representation of how lustful for ladies all fantasy adventurers are, and thus they can’t help but hit on them no matter what the location.

Alex: But why would girls be in a dungeon in the first place? Fantasy adventurers are typically lustful for ladies because they “don’t” encounter them during their travels outside of farms and towns. There aren’t exactly many female spelunkers in the fantasy stuff I’m aware of.

Michael: Well maybe the show will be a nice lighthearted watch with some decent humor.

Alex: We are never talking about this subject ever again.

3 responses to “Dungeons and Girls?

  1. They don’t get along much, do they?
    (Also, I’ve read the manga. If it’s adapted well [which it probably won’t], it’ll be a medieval, Dragon Quest-ish Log Horizon with mild fanservice.)