Where To Start Insulting?

The West Brothers watch the MikuMiku dance video combining Yatterman Night with Britney Spears’ “Toxic”.

Alex: This video is wrong.

Michael: I know. I mean Britney Spears? How bad does the creator’s taste in music have to be to do a MikuMiku video on her crap?

Alex: …let me rephrase that. This video is all kinds of wrong.

One response to “Where To Start Insulting?

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    Oh boy do I have problems with that video. Let me warn you that I haven’t watched Yatterman yet.

    1: It’s already uncomfortable to see a nine-year-old character wear an outfit that’s looks rather sexual. Seriously, what the fuck is up with the anime industry and sexualizing little girls? Lotte from Lotte no Omocha!, Mitsudomoe, pretty much the main cast from Vividred Operation, Mitsuki from Recently, My Sister is Unusual, and maybe/maybe not Venera from Zvedza Plot (it says looks like an eight-year-old, but she stopped aging).

    2: Britney Spears’s “Toxic” has sexual undertones. It is about being sexually addicted. Do you want any nine-year-old in an outfit like that dancing to this?