What The Mecha Genre Needs: Alex’s View

Continuing from last installment…

Michael: So what do you personally think the mecha genre needs, Alex?

Alex: Well, and this really applies to all gimmick-driven genres in general, but I do think that these studios need to stop trying to recreate the same old shit and start branching into other genres besides war and whatever you call Bones’ vision. I’m not the biggest fan of Knights of Sidonia (which combined mecha with space horror) or Full Metal Panic’s non-Fumoffu iterations (which combined mecha with high school), but at least they were steps in the right direction when it came to tackling the thing. We just need the combinations to turn out better, as well as combine anime with a broader range of genres that Patlabor hasn’t already claimed. Like the old-school gangster genre. Or maybe the mystery one. It may not turn out great at first, but at least we’ll have something to work towards until we hit the peak and just create a bunch of shitty knock-offs trying to recapture the glory.


Michael: So basically what Satelight is doing?

Alex: Yes, except with interesting ingredients and interesting results that don’t make me want to claw my eyes out with my computer plug.

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