Podcast Projects

Round table

Here’s where I keep all my podcasts, vlogs, and such. Didn’t link everything I’ve done on here, partly because I think most of the early stuff is terrible and mostly because I’m too lazy to bother searching for them.

Seasonal Anime Podcast Episodes

December 2014
January 2015

Movie Vlog Episodes

1. Kingsman: The Secret Service
2. Chappie

Special Anime Discussions

1. Madoka Magica: Rebellion w/Bokusatchii
2. Psycho-Pass 2 w/Landon

“Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On” Episodes (Cancelled)

1. Bokusatchii and Lord Reising – January 2015
2. SirCalvin, Tom Langston, and Whemleh – February 2015

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