“Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On” Podcast — January 2015

Hello dear viewers, and welcome to the first installment of my new podcast series: “Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On”.

First recording was a bit of a mess, but hopefully you’ll enjoy this premiere with me, Bokusatchii, and Lord Reising, and look forward to more installments in the future. Full details regarding said series will be announced at a later time.


0:30 – Introduction
1:16 – Shirobako (Mr. Flawfinder’s Dislike)
4:21 – Air Master (Mr. Flawfinder’s Like)
8:49 – Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 (Bokusatchii’s Dislike)
12:59 – Yuyushiki (Lord Reising’s Dislike)
15:32 – Meganebu (Bokusatchii’s Like)
20:13 – Still Talking About Meganebu
25:21 – The Meganebu Speech FINALLY Ends
27:56 – Invaders of Rokujuma (Lord Reising’s Like)
32:30: – Conclusion

4 responses to ““Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On” Podcast — January 2015

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  2. I haven’t finished Air Master yet (at the part where Maki is chasing down that Street Fighter reject from the rooftop brawl), but I’ve really enjoyed it! I agree with most of what you’ve said about it except that “rape” scene really pissed me off.