First Dibs

Continuing from last installment…

Michael: So what kind of mecha do you program, Lain?

Lain: Mostly the construction ones. Haven’t worked on a real big one since college.

Michael: What did you work on in college?

Lain: My team and I were trying to build and program a one-story tall super robot that handicapped people could use to participate in sports and such. It’d be like an advanced wheelchair where even the most stiff of humans could suddenly play like Charles Barkley.

Michael: You mean the robots that the handicapped people use in Special Olympics games now was your creation? Really?

Lain: No, it turns out that a bigger corporation had the idea first and revealed it to the world six months before we could finish ours. And to make things worse, the prototype model was two stories tall.

Michael: Ouch.

Lain: We ended up getting a lot of flak for “stealing” from them even though it was a complete coincidence. *Sigh*. Almost two years of work down the drain.

Michael: Did you pass the class at least?

Lain: We got a B after we differentiated our robot from the prototype by giving it the ability to do a rocket punch.

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