What Are Episode VII’s Chances?

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Continuing from last installment…

Makoto: So what do you think the chances are that the new Star Wars film will be good?

Alex: Well regardless of quality, I like the idea of new people tackling the property themselves, so I’ll see it regardless.

Makoto: Really?

Alex: Yep. Because whether or not you agree with the prequel trilogy, the fact of the matter is that George Lucas not being attached to the upcoming films is a good thing because he has written all he set out to do when he first conceived the franchise in the first place and asking him to do more at this point is just ludicrous. Obviously, I’d prefer Disney to leave the franchise alone in general, but if you’re going to expand on the series with sequel films, it’s best to treat it like the Expanded Universe stuff in regards to stand-alone stories that “could” exist within the Star Wars canon, but are mostly the individual person’s own fanfiction at the end of the day. And sometimes, you get some really good fanfiction that’s arguably better than the majority of the original films. For example, I thoughts Knights of the Old Republic was pretty rad. But regardless, whilst I am going to see the movies because it’s Star Wars, I’m mostly going to see what these new people do with Star Wars. How are they going to make it relevant in today’s world? Will their vision of the franchise be worth all the money and effort put into it? Those sort of questions tickle my fancy. Plus, if the movies suck, the original films aren’t going anywhere. I could just rewatch Empire again to take my mind off of things.

Makoto: In other words, you don’t expect it to be good.

Alex: With JJ Abrahms directing? F*ck no!

One response to “What Are Episode VII’s Chances?

  1. Am a fan of JJ Abrams so I got hope(even thought these new films are unnecessary). Hell it’s already better since it’s going to have actual practical effects and real locations compared to the all shitty green screen sets of the last films,and George’s non-existent direction.