Blind Fanboyism


Continuing from last installment…

Alex: So you’ve been a Star Wars fan for a long time now?

Makoto: Yeah. I’m not a massive geek or anything, but I’ve been collecting Star Wars-related merchandise ever since my parents rented the films when I was a kid to the point I pretty much own at least one thing from every single category related to Star Wars.

Alex: Every single category?

Makoto: Single-bladed and double-bladed toy lightsabers that I play fight my siblings with. I also own a bunch of figurines, a good chunk of the Expanded Universe books, posters, fanboy membership cards, parody films, video games, you name it. Hell, I even own a bootlegged copy of the Star Wars: Christmas Special.

Alex: That’s pretty damn impressive.

Makoto: Well, that’s just how much of a fanboy I am.

Alex: Do you own the actual movies?

Makoto realizes something and facepalms.

Makoto: I knew my collection was missing something.

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