First Day At School

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With the Christmas holidays officially over, the West brothers are officially inducted into Hirohito Academy in order to suffer “the pains of the anime education system” and on their first day…

Alex: Hello. My name is Alex.*

The students are shocked at his fluent handling of the Japanese language.

Alex: Yes, I can speak Japanese. But just because I understand your culture doesn’t mean I have to respect it, alright? I have no intention of becoming friendly with you. I have no intention of partaking in your bucket pranks, your brainless boke/tsukkomi routines, or your sex in the gym storage room. I’m just whatever it takes to survive in this hostile environment that I’ve been dumped into, and if you have a problem with that, I will go Jet Li on your ass. So don’t even think about doing to me what you did to the kid hanging on the flagpole outside the window, got it?*

Teacher: Wait, what?*

The teacher looks outside the second story window and sees a young anime student tied up to the top of a nearby flagpole screaming his lungs out.

Alex: And by the way, how soundproof are these windows? He’s been screaming for almost three minutes now and yet I can’t hear a word he’s saying.*

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