The World Is Rotten

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Alex and Michael talk about things on the roof of their house.

Michael: Lot of things happened this year, haven’t they?

Alex: Yeah.

Michael: We move to an anime neighborhood, make friends with some cute anime girls, the Gamergate controversy, The Interview getting banned from theatres…

Alex: Yeah.

Michael: ISIS, The Ferguson riots, the Clannad VN coming to Steam, the ebola outbreak, Avril Lavigne putting out the most racist pop song in years, the announcement that Grisaia is getting two more anime TV adaptations…

Alex: Yea–wait, what?

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Michael: Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Alex: They’re making two more Grisaia TV adaptations?

Michael: Life is a strange and unpredictable beast.

Alex: Two more f*cking Grisaia TV adaptations?!

One response to “The World Is Rotten

  1. That music video controversy kinda passed me by. I don’t really follow pop stars, though, so I’ll look into this.

    Never watched Grisaia, but a VN adaptation hasn’t been this popular since Stein’s;Gate, I take it?