What I Want For “Anime” Christmas…

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Dear Santa,

Here are the list of things I want for Christmas:

– I want for Funimation to finally release Evangelion 3.33, as well as the upcoming fourth movie to blow my mind.

– I want a proper Christmas anime show¹ to be made. We get stuff like Ping Pong and ef that have Christmas episodes, but aside from Tokyo Godfathers, we never get one whose entire premise is based around the spirit of Christmas. And if it could be made in a vein similar to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, that would be helpful too. Santa girls can be added as a bonus, especially if they’re shooting things up.

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– I want for Ikuhara’s new anime and Death Parade to be successful.

– I want for all the new noitamina shows and Jun Maeda’s thing to be at least interesting, good or bad.

– I really want Punchline to be good though.

– I want for more anime shows to try the variety show format, similar to Carnival Phantasm.

– I want for Hyouka to actually be released in the West, as well as a movie sequel to be announced. Seriously, you license the mediocre stuff and leave Takemoto’s anime out of Crunchyroll, let alone out of the states? Oh, and while we’re on the subject, have the FMP team make a Fumoffu-like sequel to Amagi Brilliant Park as well.

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– I want for the anime shows’ recent turn towards inward-looking humor and self-reflexiveness to stop. And the turn towards Gary-Stu dick sucking. And the MMO trend. And whatever the f*ck A-1 Pictures does in general.

– I want for Guilty Crown to be more accepted by the anime community as a “good” anime show. Because when you look at it more closely, you realize that it’s about as misunderstood as Michael Bay and Terror in Resonance.

– I want for the accusations that Mahouka and Sword Art Online are misunderstood to stop. Because they’re not. They’re shit.

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– I want that military LN adaptation thing to be cancelled, because it looks f*cking awful.

– I want Shipley’s Donuts to move near my house so I can at least do the Don-Don-Donuts chant with something that doesn’t taste watered-down.

– I want for the new Mad Max movie to more than live up to the trailer. Admittedly, that’s a tall “want” because the trailer is the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen in years.

– I want people to forget about Kizumonogatari’s existence.

– I want for Harem Anime: The Musical to exist.

– I want for Rage of Bahamut’s finale to not suck ass.

– I want there to be some new Christmas classics. Aside from Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”, we haven’t gotten another “Jingle Bells” in decades.

– I want for school next year to not suck ass.

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Yours truly,

Alex West


Lain: So what does Michael want for Christmas?

Alex: Pretty much everything Jason Miao wrote he wanted.

¹ Mr. Flawfinder’s note: keep in mind that the Japanese are called “anime” in Gaijin World’s universe, and thus I have to attach the word “show” whenever I bring up anime TV in this universe.

6 responses to “What I Want For “Anime” Christmas…

  1. Why hate on Gate? It’s honestly pretty good. If you’re worried about it being similar to Outbreak Company or something, it’s pretty far removed from that.

  2. Why care if people don’t accept Guilty Crown? Same with Terror which people have good reasons for disliking.

    Don’t believe people misunderstand Bay;they just dislike his films( I think the guys who made the Crank films do way better job at these type of films).

    Hyouka ain’t getting released unless NIS gets it or its kickstarted(I believe the license holder doesn’t care to release it in the west).

    • I honestly don’t care. I just threw that in because a Christmas post without Guilty Crown felt wrong.

      The reason I say Bay is misunderstood (at least in regards to his recent output) is that most people consider them to be brainless blockbusters when there’s honestly a lot more to them than that. Does Crank have depth to it underneath all the action? Maybe, but I’d need to see the films first.