Twelve Days of Disappointingly Bad Anime #3: Akame ga Kill

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You knew this was coming. My anime-punching bag of the year. That anime that was really popular amongst the community, and yet the bloggers ignored it after a few episodes because it was just too crappy without being “standout” enough to pay attention to it. That anime that I liked the name of, only for the hype to be replaced by disgust when I saw who was adapting, and for said disgust to increase even further when I read some of that awful manga. Thankfully (or not, depending on your point of view), because of said pre-existing biases, Akame ga Kill didn’t disappoint me too much, so that’s what it’s only #3 on these posts.

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I’ve seen some people say that the show is actually a satire of the genre in the same way that Guilty Crown is a satire of bad mecha anime, but even if that’s the case, it’s a bad satire. Nothing about what it does wrong is funny, the plot takes more than half the show to start, the action is really boring to watch due to uninspired choreography, it doesn’t have a handle on which elements to take seriously and not to take seriously…if it is a satire, it’s too overt regarding its message to be effective.

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Still, I can’t hate Akame ga Kill too much, because at least it’s bad in a way that leaves some sort of impact on anime culture and we can learn from its many many flaws. If anyone wants to get into writing their own shonen action story, I could easily point to this show and go “see what this anime is doing? Don’t do it”. Plus, the number of people who have officially declared White Fox the new Studio Deen will always put a smile on my face.

4 responses to “Twelve Days of Disappointingly Bad Anime #3: Akame ga Kill

  1. Nothing will ever dethrone DBZ as the worst shonen. This looks like a mess,but it’s only 24 episodes of schlock instead of hundreds.

    • So true, bro. 20 minutes of staring each other and then it was announced “to be continued next week”??
      So shitty beyond belief. Yet the kids at that time love to watch it.

  2. In my opinion, the first few episodes were great, the episodes after that were decent but after episode 19 or so… absolutely terrible. They randomly kill off characters and bring in so much bullshit. I’ve never said this about an anime before in my life… but I prefer the manga.

  3. I agree, the show was truly awful and spoiler alert the way that they made tatsumi and mine “fall in love” after two episodes is bullshit. They killed everyone before we could like them so i started looking forward to who was next.