Hate Leads To Blindness

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Michael: What’re you doing, Alex?

Alex: Looking at the reviews for the new Psycho-Pass. They’re pretty bad.

Michael: Well it was a pretty awful show.

Alex: Yeah, but the reaction is so bad that it’s making Lain’s immature online defenses of the show sound like Morgan Freeman reading James Joyce fiction.

Lain (from her own room): Oh yeah?! Well your mother’s favorite anime is a load of cow-piss! And don’t think I don’t know who you are in real life, Sekianime03, or should I say, Daichi-kun! I am telling your parents about this!

Michael: Is she even defending the show anymore, or is she just insulting the haters?

Alex: Like I said, the reviews I’m reading for this show are that scathing.

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