Twelve Days of Disappointingly Bad Anime #5: Nobunagun

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No “dead man”, I do not have any respect for you.

I put Nobunagun over Nobunaga the Fool on these posts because I didn’t really have much to look forward to regarding the latter considering “the Basquash team plus Japanese historical fiction” wasn’t really an attention-grabber. Former on the other hand? Well let’s just say that turning Nobunaga into a male didn’t exactly work out this year (I didn’t watch Nobunaga Concerto though) and despite its weird name and premise, the show ended up having about as much creativity as a blank piece of paper.

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This show is boring in the same way Independence Day is boring: nothing but a bunch of cliches fighting other cliches whilst saying cliched lines and indulging in cliched humor that’s supposed to be laughably stupid, but just ends up being plain stupid. The only thing that really stands out is the horrendously bad music, particularly the OP. But I could just go to Parasyte if I wanted to watch that.

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