Twelve Days of Disappointingly Bad Anime #7: Expelled From Paradise


“Boooooooooooo!” – what I wanted to say after seeing this snore-fest in theatres.


Like Patema Inverted, I already wrote a very involved piece on this film and my thoughts haven’t changed in the two days since, so I don’t have much more to add. I guess I can say that I’m a little surprised that quite a few more people like it than I expected coming out of the film, although given the Tamako movie’s ranking on MAL and amongst some of the people I follow on Twitter despite me also thinking it was kind of lacking (as well as tomorrow’s entry on these Twelve Days posts), maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised regarding the different qualifications people have from regarding what’s entertainment. All I can express is severe disappointment that Urobuchi’s first film not related to a previously established franchise was such a mediocre pile of nothing and move on.

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