Don’t Support Peter Jackson!

At the Hashimoto house…

Senya: Ready to see the new Hobbit movie, Akemi-chan?*

Akemi: I don’t know if I want to, Dad.*

Senya: Why not? You liked the first two, didn’t you?*

Akemi: I thought I did. But lately, I don’t know. Is it true that those movies are nothing more than a tired metaphor for a man crawling from rags to riches, only to let his new-found fame go to his head at the expense of the goodness in his heart, and the only way to return said goodness to him is to take away said fame and fortune by not going to see his products?*

Senya: …I need to talk to someone. I’ll be back later.*

Later, outside the Wests’ front door…

Senya: What exactly are you telling my daughter?

Alex: Don’t support Peter Jackson!

* This is to indicate that the characters are speaking Japanese

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