Rage of Bahamut: Episode 10 — Evil Is In Everyone

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Finally! After two middling episodes that delivered its fantasy cliches so straight it made a 1-D object look well-rounded, we’ve got something interesting happening! Keep this up Bahamut and you’ll stay in my good graces for quite a while after you finish in two weeks.

The main problem I’ve been having with this show as of late, beyond the drop in production values obviously, is that all the stuff related to Amira is not very interesting, and not just because I don’t care for her character. Well okay that’s pretty much the main reason, but then we have to go into the reason regarding why I don’t care for her character beyond just having a childish personality, and it’s because her story is so simplistic. She’s an artificial vessel with implanted memories by Beelzebub who discovered that the mother she sought after wasn’t her real mother? Wow, how engaging. The writers must have really thought hard regarding that plot twist. And to make matters worse, the bigger story that her own arc is attached to is also simplistically dull. I have nothing against a war between angels and demons along with the awakening of Bahamut as a storytelling device, but it needs to be attached to something intriguing beyond stereotypical good vs. evil stuff. The villains aren’t exactly Captain Barbossa now, are they?

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In my opinion, the show shines best when it’s about two things: the conflicting loyalties/ambiguous character motivations and the spectacle of the action, with the latter requiring the former’s help in order to truly shine. That’s what makes Rita’s stuff so interesting (well, that and the fact that I think she’s funny), and in addition to the decent amount of screen time she got this week, some other characters get to have their loyalties tested as well and become more interesting for it, even if their turns were ultimately forced by outside variables. Jeanne turning into a demon after being nearly burned at the stake was a neat direction to take her “loyal to the people” story. Lucifer Azazel being forced to help the good guys after taking beatings that should have killed him was fun to watch beyond giving Rita something to do. And Favaro being turned even more into a demon after his “fake betrayal” plan ended up failing him this go-around was cool too.

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So much for screwing fate, huh Fava? I’m still not exactly looking forward to the point in the story when he does have to prioritize saving the world over saving Amira, but at least I can enjoy the ride to get to there now.

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