Choosing The Right Suffix

Alex decides to go outside and runs into Akemi approaching his house.

Akemi: You’re the older brother right?

Alex: Yeah. You’re the youngest of the Hashimoto sisters? Akemi or something?

Akemi: I’d prefer it if you called me by my last name.

Alex: Right, right. So, Hashimoto…-chan or something?

Akemi: Egh. That just sounds creepy. Hashimoto-san, please.

Alex: Hard to use that suffix in regards to someone who’s my brother’s age. What does he call you anyways?

Michael notices Akemi from the second floor window, opens it, and calls to her.

Michael: Hey Akemi-chan! Want to come in and watch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time with me?

Alex grimaces.

Alex: You’re right. That -chan suffix does sound creepy.

Akemi: I meant when you say it you monotone old man!

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