Akame ga Kill: Episode 24 — So That Happened

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Next to the non-conclusion, the finale for Akame ga Kill goes under one of the worst ways to conclude your story: check-listing. Obviously, an ending has to tie up the loose ends. But as I hinted regarding the latest episode of SAO II and what the majority have stated regarding Chaika’s ending, it matters how you tie them up, as well as prioritizing which plot points should be left open because they’re not important over which ones should be focused on because they are. And frankly, Akame ga Kill doesn’t do it in a way that I feel is satisfactory.

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The final fight scene? Nothing more than uninspired choreography and simplistic morals between two boring characters. The way Honest dies and the emperor gets executed for his crimes? Meh. Half an episode dedicated to the people being happy? Dude, the show barely focused on these people throughout the entire runtime, so why on earth would I be happy with a minute dedicated to their salvation, let alone a Return of the Kings-style ending? Wave and Run getting off scot-free? Kill me. Everything just happens and there’s no passion put into anything for the grand finale. Well there’s some, but it’s put into the wrong things.

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And of course, Akame survives the whole ordeal and becomes a wanderer. This would be halfway intriguing if it wasn’t for the fact that she hasn’t had a single important role throughout the entire story beyond the deal with her sister, which was sidestory-level at best, and finishing off Esdeath because our hax ice queen wanted to play it fair and not just freeze Akame out of nowhere like she could have easily done. Thus, I’m not really sure why the show is ending on her moving on. I don’t think she even interacted all that much with Night Raid. Tatsumi has been the one to do all the grunt work in terms of how to spend screen time and what did that get him? Shattered into pieces by the fem-nazi who loved him for vaguely defined reasons and never really brought up again after that.

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So no, this ending sucked. It may not have done anything unnecessarily dumb, but bad is bad. I’m not sure what direction the manga will go in, but the animation studio dropped the ball in regards to making their own conclusion to the story. Couple that with everything else they did wrong, whether it be their fault or the source material’s, and you’ve got a motherfucking disaster that I spent twenty-four episodes sitting through. Bleh.

10 responses to “Akame ga Kill: Episode 24 — So That Happened

  1. I know they fucked up the moment they bring up a huge robot shooting laser beams. Emperor frying his own citizens.
    The manga may be not smart, but it’s not dumb enough to make such story.

  2. OMG Finally! I have been reading Akame Ga Kill for a while and was annoyed by everyone calling it great and putting it up there with GoT and saying it’s better than AoT – it’s not. The deaths are becoming more and more pretentious and meaningless and the MC has the worst plot shield in history, he so plot shielded that it’s becoming a harem and he never gets any psychological damage or challenges that other characters face. Wave is a far better candidate for MC than Tatsumi and that goes without mentioning how pretentious the story is in itself. The comedy is unfitting as well, I’m sick of perfectly good characters dieing – I didn’t mind at first until I realized a dipshit like Tatsumi is going to carry the story.