Gaijin World — Meeting The Neighbors: Part 1

Lain forces Alex to meet the Hashimotos, who it turns out, lives three blocks down from themBeing informed of his arrival ahead of time, an adult anime male greets him outside.

Shinya: Hello young man. My name is Shinya Hashimoto. Like the late professional wrestler.

Alex: So I do call you Mr. Hashimoto? Or is it Hashimoto-san?

Shinya: Just call me Shinya-san. I’m not really comfortable with a family member of Lain’s calling me by my last name. So I understand your name is Alex?

Alex: Yes. And please don’t add any suffixes to the end of my name. It makes me feel ill.

Shinya: Now that won’t do, Alex-kun. Just because we live in America and speak your language doesn’t mean we should just let go of our customs.

Alex: Well what about my custom to not add a suffix at the end of every one of my classmates’ names or at least use the “Mister” prefix? Does living in a place filled with foreign toons who are so rigid on polite behavior mean I have to give that up?

Shinya: You don’t have to, but I’d rather not run the risk of twenty anime families burning my house down whilst I’m asleep due to being declared the neighborhood enemy, myself.

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