Explaining What Gaijin World Is


I’m sure some of my readers are wondering what the hell these “Gaijin World” posts I’ve been doing as of late actually are. Didn’t want to clarify their context until I gave the series some time to develop considering my history with starting new projects only to give up on them after a while. But I think after ten or so posts of the series with no real explanation from me, it’s time to give my readers an explanation.

Gaijin World is basically a part-fictional project/part-new blogging style that originated from a fictional idea I have tried numerous times to get off the ground, but could never really succeed at finding a long-lasting direction for it. The premise is that it takes place in an animated world where people are called toons (ex. American toons, Chinese toons, etc.) and centers on two American toon brothers moving in with their half-American, half-Japanese toon cousin to live in an area mostly populated by Japanese toons, or “anime people” as they’re usually called. Alex West is the older brother and is openly critical of anime culture due to his western biases and critical outlook on life whilst Michael West is the younger brother who indulges in anime culture and acts more otaku-ish and free. Their cousin/guardian is an adult female named Lain who works as a freelance programmer and likes the old-school style of anime culture whilst not really caring much for the new one.

The closest thing I can compare Gaijin World to is a webcomic that I don’t draw for – which puts it more in line with those skits from the Tales games except without the pictures and/or voice acting now that I think about – and has no real limit to the amount of words I can put in each entry, even though I haven’t written many so far (though I do plan to write some longer entries in the future). Each entry will generally consist of the characters chatting about their lives with the main goal being to provide a humorous insight into anime culture and whatever else I feel like giving attention to at the time.

Sometimes, they’ll be watching a recent anime episode and commenting on it. Sometimes, they’ll be critiquing anime culture in general using “actual experiences” to back up their claims. Sometimes, they’ll just be making common high school jokes. Sometimes, I’ll be trying to flesh out the characters a bit. No matter what I decide to have them do, the main goal will always be to try and get a laugh, whether it be through satire or just plain jokes. Image usage will depend on the type of entry I am writing and whether I feel it’s necessary to get across whatever point I’m trying to make. And since I don’t have any Photoshop software…

– Also, since the setting still takes place in the west, mostly everyone can speak English fluently and most of the surrounding pop culture is of the American variety. Think of Fujimoto like an exaggerated version of an Asian district in America and you’ll understand what I mean.

I don’t have a set update schedule for this project. Right now, I’m trying to get at least one entry a day, but who knows how long that’ll last? Nevertheless, I hope you grow to like Gaijin World and look forward to watching Alex and everyone else as they basically run a majority of the blog for me whilst I focus my sights on more important things. Like trying to finish the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy.

PS: If you think this project is similar to something else…I probably stole from it. Because that’s what all good creators do.

PPS: I’m going to stop adding “Gaijin World” to the beginning of every entry in this series from now on.

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