Amagi Brilliant Park: Episode 11 — The Soccer Solution

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We’re going to be like that Eureka Seven episode, except nowhere near as crappy!

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I’ve seen some complaints regarding Amagi Brilliant Park’s decision to move to a more dramatic/plot-focused direction for its finale and whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the quality, there’s nothing really wrong with it from what I can see. Yes, Latifah’s situation does little to make me sympathize with her, but at the end of the day, it’s just a way to give Kanye more incentive to get the park numbers up (and said incentive was desperately needed after that crappy Elementario episode). The show still keeps its sense of humor throughout the entire run otherwise, having the mascots clean the giant stadum by setting a giant monster plant on it and letting Toriken be his usual incompetent/perverted self during management. It still remembers to have fun whilst preparing for its grand finale.

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That’s not to say I think Amagi is a great show. It’s the first thing in a while that KyoAni has produced that’s entertaining, but at the end of the day, the plot-based stuff is just not gut-bustingly funny, especially compared to the middle “filler” episodes. And obviously, I don’t think the actual plot is Oscar-winning material either. It’s a cute satire on how theme park mascots/employees are nowhere near as as saccharine as they appear on the surface, but it has as much punch as Daily Lives of Highschool Boys had for the “cute girl” genre at the end of the day (which is to say, not a lot of a punch).

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It also doesn’t help that Kanye’s mind-reading powers haven’t added much of anything to the show either. This week was the first time in six episodes he got to using it, and it was mostly as a convenient plot device to get his plans going. I understand that this is due to the way the show was adapted, but did the original source really not have a better usage for that thing, even with its heavy restrictions?

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And of course, I’m still worried that the show will shit the bed in its last two episodes. Hey, it’s KyoAni. Not only that, but I saw what Bones did with Chaika’s finale, falling into their usual “fell apart in the end” habits. Studio traits just die hard, y’ know? As the next episode title says, nobody knows what the future holds. I just hope that the future for this show isn’t a motherf*cking disaster.

On another note, I hope we actually get to see some of the soccer game next week.

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