Gaijin World — Parasyte: Episode 11

Alex and Michael watch the tenth eleventh episode of Parasyte.

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Michael: So from what I understand, if you get infected by one of these parasyte things, you get superpowers, a body to rival Kenshiro’s, and two anime girls after you? Why exactly wouldn’t you want to get infected by them then?

Alex: Um, losing your humanity and having your parents killed? Not to mention the one-in-a-million chance of having the parasyte infect the right body part so that you don’t become a soulless drone that kills people for fun like pretty much every infected human not named Shinichi in this show? And then there’s the fact that the parasyte implanting its cells within the host’s body without killing it is a crapshoot to begin with?

*Gets to the scene where Shinichi kisses Satomi whilst Kana watches*

Michael: You know what they say: “no risk, no reward”.

Alex: -_-

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