Gaijin World — Inou-Battle: Episode 10

Alex and Michael West are watching the tenth episode of Inou-Battle using Crunchyroll hooked up to the big-screen TV in the living room.

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Alex: I really don’t understand what it is about this show that you like, Michael.

Michael: Because it’s nice?

Alex: I’ve laughed less than you did, and you haven’t laughed even once since this episode started.

Michael: I didn’t say it was funny. I said it was nice.

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Alex: The entire episode has been nothing but self-referential lolicon jokes and “trying hard to not get my bikini wet because that’ll make it see-through, even though that’s clearly a lie”. How is that nice?

Michael: It’s not the jokes. It’s what they represent.

Alex: What the f*ck are they supposed to represent? Working conditions at Schlitterbahn?

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Michael: That all these girls want to get with Andou, of course. That’s the primary appeal of all these harem-type shows and why we keep watching them. Plus, girls in bikinis. How can you not understand that?

Alex: Considering how fug-ugly the girls are in Inou-Battle, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t understand why that’s a desirable goal to begin with.

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