Rage of Bahamut: Episode 9 — Destiny Is a Bitch

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The more Bahamut goes into high-fantasy territory, the less I pay attention to it.

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Okay, let’s get the good stuff out of the way, first. The cinematography and visuals returned to being eye-catching, which is especially important during the talky scenes. But more importantly, this episode actually revealed some interesting plot developments, unlike last week’s. We’ve got angels and demons ready to rage war all whilst the latter group try to reawaken Bahamut. We’ve got Jeanne being framed for treason and her confrontation with a demon regarding whether she’s really a Holy Knight. We’ve got a CG dragon revealing the real truth behind Amira’s role in the story as well as presenting a tough (albeit completely unoriginal) choice regarding whether to be safe or to face death, which of course has a speech by the hot head regarding how they’ll risk the latter whilst looking for a third choice. And finally, we’ve got the episode ending with our main trio ready to go on another adventure (which I definitely prefer to the kingdom stuff we’ve been getting as of late) whilst Favaro is saddled with a tough responsibility.

– Yes, that “should I kill my friend/crush/whatever to save the world” cliche has been done to death, but the show needs that sort of conflicting loyalties and hidden betrayals in order to remain fresh for the remainder of its run.

Now let’s the bad stuff out of the way. Uh…well actually there isn’t anything really bad about this episode other than “could have used more flavor to this genre I’ve never been a big fan of”. I mean I could say that the events this week were entirely predictable, but when has Bahamut ever been a complex show to being with? Oh, and Rita not accompanying our three is a bit of Debbie Downer because she’s my favorite character in the show. Amira’s child-like behavior becoming an eyesore is still true, but I don’t like to repeat complaints regarding the same show, so I’ll let that go.

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I’m sure if you’re a fan of high fantasy and all, you’ll love this week’s installment of Bahamut. Me though? The episode was okay overall and I’m still enjoying the show, but I’m nowhere near as in love with it as I was when it first started. I really do prefer Garo in terms of fantasy anime this season – even if most people don’t – and right now, Bahamut is only narrowly beating out Amagi Brilliant Park for me in terms of that genre.

PS: And honestly, I think Bahamut has gotten more obnoxiously saccharine than the KyoAni show (*shock*) as of this point. At least the characters hold back their tears and press on in the latter.

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