Gaijin World — Sterile Living

Continuing from the last installment…

Michael: I can’t believe I’m actually watching something I’ve only seen on TV in real-life. Surreal.

Alex: Believe it or not, Michael, that stuff is more progress than you’ll usually see in areas like this. If you want to see more hardcore stuff from these people, then you’ve got to go to the downtown area where the red-light districts and drunken sex are aplenty.

Michael: I remember driving through that area on the way here. Didn’t we pass by some teenager walking a nude chick like a dog?

Alex: Whilst she was wearing dog ears, a dog’s tail up her ass, and a collar with a leash attached, yes.

*Several seconds pass by*

Michael: Man, why couldn’t we have had family living there?

Alex: It could be worse. A little more north and we’d have been living in that “toon-populated” area that celebrates Bonkers.

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