Rage of Bahamut: Episode 8 — Downtime For The Show And My Excitement

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I really wish Bahamut’s downtime episodes were actually, I dunno, fun to watch.

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I understand the need to set things up for the future, especially after last week’s epic climax. Still, I don’t care what the circumstances are; you need to fulfill one of three general pieces of criteria in order to entertain me: give my brain something to work with, make me laugh out loud, or please my eyes with impressive cinematography/set pieces. Make sure that you don’t overstay your welcome on attempting any of those options as well. Setting up your next story arc should not exclude all three from the writing. At the very least, you could have kept one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find this week’s Bahamut very funny. Amira’s antics have long ceased to be entertaining and none of the other characters aside from maybe Rita come even close to tickling my funny bone with their antics this week. Well what about making my brain think? There’s a little bit of intrigue regarding the king’s jealousy regarding Jeanne, but it gets pushed aside after the first few minutes in order to drone on about Amira’s origin and how she’s a half-human/half-demon who’s far younger than she looks and all that. Necessary for the plot, but it’s not that complex a reveal – especially compared to the shared past between Favaro and Kaiser – thus my intelligence isn’t being tested.

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Well what about pleasing me with the visuals, as a blockbuster should – because let’s face it, we’ve known since Episode 1 that the main appeal of Bahamut lies in the spectacle? Well, the scene where Favaro and Amira escaped the kingdom through a secret water passage was a nice piece of cinematography, even with the obviously CG’d tunnel. Still, that happens near the end and it’s not even ten seconds long. The rest of the episode mostly consisted of a bunch of cost-saving techniques, and as I’ve said many times, I don’t think close-ups of talking heads are fun to look at.

So with nothing smart, nothing funny, and nothing all that compelling to look at this week, all I can do is dismiss this Bahamut episode as a slip-up and hope for next week to be better.

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