Garo: Episode 9 — The Meeting Of The Two

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My only problem with this episode is that the major plot points were too predictable. Once Alfonso’s mentor’s illness started to become more apparent, it couldn’t have been more obvious that Alfonso would take his armor and weapon to become Gaia. And when both the mentor and Leon visited Garm to learn how to increase their strength, the first meeting between Leon and Alfonso was less of a surprise than Darth Vader’s true identity to anyone who watches Empire in this day and age.

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Nevertheless, being predictable isn’t a problem if the details are done well, and Garo does them very well in its self-serious campy way. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Leon not really fulfilling his own goal of getting stronger in the process, but sacrifices have to be made. I’m excited to see him and Alfonso interact with each other in the future as the two grow strong enough to defeat Mendoza.

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