Amagi Brilliant Park: Episode 8 — Trololololol

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What. The. Fuck.

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I’ve been noticing lately that whilst Amagi Brilliant Park has been trying to be Fumoffu as of late, a closer comparison would be that it’s a Rumiko Takahashi sitcom (most notably, Urusei Yatsura) if it was made today. And this episode all but solidifies my stance on that. The otherworldly characters that blend in with humans? The lengths the show will go to be “out there” in order to produce a laugh? The awkward attempts at being serious when it’s not deliberately setting up said atmosphere for a massive troll? The fanservice…okay that one’s not really a big thing with her or Amagi really, even though it does appear quite a bit.

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And of course, the fact that it’s really really funny? I thought getting spoiled on the “twist” this week would lessen the laughs, but it turned out that Amagi had several other jokes waiting in its wing that I didn’t know of and it ended up busting my gut. Unlike the interview episode where it had a bit of trouble keeping the energy running throughout the entire runtime, the variations to the simple formula in order to create constant energy are much more effective here. Mostly due to how it utilizes Moffle, Tiramie, and Macaron, along with their various personalities whilst trying to impersonate Kanye after he fell sick this week.

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Those three, particularly the latter two, are great comedic characters (and Fiddy ain’t too bad herself). They’re like an anime version of the villain trio in Spaceballs.

3 responses to “Amagi Brilliant Park: Episode 8 — Trololololol

  1. It’s gonna suck when Amagi goes back to story mode huh? Well maybe not suck, but it won’t be as good!

    Amagi really does pull from a vein of comedy we don’t see much of in anime anymore. I’ve never watched a Takahashi series (pls don’t stone me), so this week reminds me more of older English comedies like Blackadder. Obviously much less dialogue heavy, but it builds upon it’s jokes throughout the episode via poor communication and misunderstandings, and ties it all into the conclusion. It’s not the most graceful at it, but I can’t fault a tryer.

  2. It’s good. Pretty good.
    I keep forgetting about the three girls who joined Amaburi during the interview episode, must be because the animal mascots are the real highlight of this anime.
    I was a bit confused in the end of the episode, like, “How come the loli didn’t make a big deal of people being able to imitate Kanye’s physical appearance so perfectly? Oh, wait, she’s one of their workers since 2 episode ago. And apparently, they are so open about their identities as magical beings to the fellow human workers.”
    Why are they so willing to keep the secret? Is it because nobody would believe if they were to tell an outsider?