Your Lie In April: Episode 7 — Padded And Unnecessary Dramatics

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Not even four minutes in and this dude cries over losing a soccer game. Does this show have to overdramatize everything?

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I’ve seen people say this show is great not for what’s actually happening, but for the artistry being used to convey said happenings. You know, the kind of stuff that Osamu Dezaki was known for back when he was alive with stuff like Aim for the Ace and Brother, Dear Brother? Doubt most of these supporters ever saw any of Dezaki’s stuff, so if you’re one of the few supporters for this show that reads this blog, I’d highly recommend you check him out. God knows I wish he was still alive and directing this crap.

Okay, if you ignore the tonal issues and the events leading up to this episode, this week’s installment of the show wasn’t all that bad. But anime series don’t exist in a vacuum and it doesn’t help that it feels like this episode was made solely to end just as Arima’s spiky-haired rival was about to play his piece in the competition. A bunch of this week’s events felt kind of padded with too many soliloquies, slapstick violence, and repetitive speeches regarding music itself that don’t really add to anything and drag on way longer than they should. I understand the need to finish strong each week, but don’t make the same mistake Catching Fire did in regards to crafting an ending, Your Lie in April. You can get a good episode finale whilst making the buildup to said finale meaningful as well.

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So not only is the anime bad on a content level, it’s not very good on a presentation level either. Yeah, who said this show was well-directed again?

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