Parasyte: Episode 7 — Japanese Spiderman

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Yeah…no. You can come up with a way cooler name than that.

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At this point, you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that Parasyte isn’t a superhero show. Shinichi may not go out fighting crime whilst wearing a leather suit and mask, but he’s pretty much a Japanese version of Peter Parker now, what with the way his powers have developed and how his actions cost him a dear family member that he eventually gets revenge for (even though in Shinichi’s case, someone else did the job for him). You’d have better luck trying to convince me that Gamer Gate isn’t some misguided parody.

Now obviously, I don’t expect the show to delve into super villain stuff, but that’s not what Spiderman was about at the end of the day. It’s about a teenager (and later, young adult) trying to live his life, going on dates, and doing his job whilst dealing with the fact that he had superpowers and growing as a result of trying to balance the two lifestyles. Yes, the powers play a direct role in his growth, but at the end of the day, it’s mostly used as a metaphor for puberty and responsibility. Parasyte may diverge from those themes in the future, but that’s the scenario happening now, and I don’t see said divergence happening in the near future.

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And of course, with newly developed powers comes a new ‘tude and a new ‘do.

6 responses to “Parasyte: Episode 7 — Japanese Spiderman

  1. well that big weakness of not being without Migi 4 hours a day and unable to defend himself didn’t turn out to be that big if Shinichi can defend himself from parasytes pretty well

    And the bully is back next episode too.