Sword Art Online II: Episode 19 — Education Is Srz Business!

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Alright, I caught up to this terrible show¹. Let’s see what this Mother Rosario arc brings to the table.

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I’m sorry Sword Art Online, but are you really trying to sell educational issues and “I may be forced to go to another school” as legitimate drama? Granted, that sort of stuff is pretty hard-hitting in real life, but only when you’re experiencing it. When someone else experiences it, let alone a fictional character like Asuna, it’s really hard to care. I can barely sympathize when my Twitter friends are in exam period beyond “hope it goes well”, because I’m not actually taking the goddamn test myself. And if you’re worried about being separated from Kirito, well I won’t deny that relationships are tough to maintain when in separate colleges or whatever, but given how you mostly interact online across long distances anyways, I’m finding any “separation issues” this show brings up to be very hard to buy into.

I’ve heard that Kirito won’t be in this arc all that much (he’s not even in the OP or what I saw of the ED), but given the arranged marriage stuff and how much Asuna thinks about his cheating ass, he might as well be. Betting that Asuna will keep him in his mind constantly throughout however long this arc lasts – which I heard might be the remainder of the show.

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As usual, A-1 Pictures doesn’t animate a goddamn thing, resorting to a lot of talking heads and lazy still shots to convey exposition. Some people informed me that the fight scene was pretty good this week, but (as expected) they fuck that up too. A lot of the action was shot too close to the camera for me to see what was going on, the choreography was uncreative, and the resolution was just pathetic. Not sure if I’d say the overall action animation is as bad as Amagi Brilliant Park’s this week, but that show at least had the “mothercuffer” line and I could actually see what was going on. What does this show have?

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A thousand yuri fanfiction getting launched this week, that’s what.

¹ I may have abused the fast-forward button in regards to catching up to Sword Art Online. Including this episode.

2 responses to “Sword Art Online II: Episode 19 — Education Is Srz Business!

  1. Even though they explicitly mentioned Sugou by name in this episode, it still really made me feel like this whole season has been conveniently ignoring the events of the second half of SAO season 1.