Shirobako: Episode 6 — Talking and Talking and More Talking

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Alright, let’s see what’s boring activities our favorite fictional anime studio are participating in this week, shall we?

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You know, if you have to keep reminding us who these people are – especially your main character – every single episodes, that’s a surefire sign that you need to rework how you manage your cast, Shirobako.

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Talking about explosions instead of actually showing explosions. Again, yawn.

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Stop being sorry and actually do something about it!

*Fast forward*

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This is stuff I already know from my Twitter feed and what I’ve read of anime production news. I don’t want to watch my timeline as an anime, Shirobako! Give me a reason to care about what’s going on! Do something funny! Say something about anime production that I don’t already know!

*Fast fowarded once they started talking about the same Episode 8 cut for the third time (might be more)*

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Okay, they introduce the red-haired girl after the commercial break meeting up with a VA teacher. Plenty of good opportunities for some kind of story here…

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…or you can just show her looking at an audition, have her exclaim excitement, and spout out family TV stuff about how working is hard whilst sappy music plays. Well that’s nice, but this isn’t exactly a compelling watch. Can we please show something with some actual energy?

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Except that! EXCEPT THAT!

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Okay Shirobako, I’m going to spell this out real clear for you: Quit making your heroine drag race! It’s not funny, it’s not fun to watch, and it breaks my suspension of disbelief that this is supposed to be some sort of realistic look at the animation industry. Not even the bad episodes of The Office were this silly.

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So after a long, long, LONG string of boring conversations and a dull trip to some anime exhibit where the characters look at robots, these two make up thanks to their love for some Ideopon thing, they get back to work, and I get to close this episode and forget I ever saw it.

Another episode of this show watched. Another week of me not getting the appeal at all.

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