Psycho-Pass 2: Episode 6 — Video Games Are Evil

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You know, with all the video game related shit going on these days, it’s kind of funny to see Psycho-Pass one-up whatever problems the new Sonic/Assassin’s Creed games have by flat-out stating that video games can kill people.

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Didn’t really expect Kamui to use that inspector’s eye in order to control Dominaters himself, but what really surprised me was how said inspector turned to the dark side. I guess guys whose first names are Kirito just have the ability to turn women into subservient beings with their sweet words or something.

Putting that aside, I dug the action this week, and I’m all for mechas losing out to guns due to my genre biases, but don’t come to me if you want an analysis regarding what exactly Kamui was trying to prove here, or an answer for why Sybil couldn’t have prevented this video game nonsense from happening by jamming some signals or whatever. Not sure how I feel about the “reveal” causing a massive hue clouding, but I’m more than willing to wait another week in order to see how that aftermath is dealt with.

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I mean I guess if you probed me, I could say that Kamui wanted to show how fallible people were, even unintentionally, as part of his master plan to reveal how flawed the system is, but that’s all you’d get. Oh, and it’s cool to see Kougami brought up today. Was beginning to think he wasn’t going to be relevant this season.

6 responses to “Psycho-Pass 2: Episode 6 — Video Games Are Evil

  1. It shows how incompetent this new writer is compared to Gen-san.
    He can’t even be consistent.
    I still remember season 1 clearly.
    In order for Dominators to work.
    They have to be connected to the network, the Sybil herself.
    Because Sybil System is the real one who makes the decision.
    This leaves one big question:
    what prevents them from tracking our villains location?
    What prevents Sybil from shutting down the gun remotely?

  2. The whole vidya game thing seems like a commentary on the desensitization of our generation to violence (and life in general) in media, but it wasn’t handled with much deftness.

    • They sure reacted rather normally to the actual violence for a desensitized bunch eh? Maybe it was just startling to have their iOS game turn to into a snuff video all of a sudden

      • I think he means how we don’t care about violence till we actually see it. Which is true, although I’m fully aware of the “barrier between reality and fiction”.