Wow, You Guys Really Love Pulp Fiction, Huh?


So the results are in. A little disappointed that the number of voters didn’t even reach a hundred, but a combination of a small fanbase and the fact that the majority of my readers don’t really care about films to begin with, let alone my personal faves, will do that I guess. Anyways, let’s look at ’em.

– I was expecting Empire Strikes Back to take up the majority of the votes regardless of sample size, but once again, I underestimate what Tarantino is capable of. Okay, Pulp Fiction is the definitive 90s movie and all that so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised my readers loved it, but still…Star Wars.

– Also really glad that Blues Brothers and Battle Royale did relatively well given that they’re my two favorite films of all-time. A little surprised the former did so well given that it’s a very old comedy, but I guess it hasn’t disappeared from the public mind like The Great Race did.

– Surprised The Toxic Avenger and Meet The Feebles got even one vote. Glad they did all the same, but not one vote for Blazing Saddles? Stuff like Vice Squad is too obscure for most people to remember, but Blazing Saddles is probably the most well-known Mel Brooks film next to The Producers and Spaceballs. And yet it loses to Peter Jackson back when he was good.

– Not one vote for Saturday Night Fever. Lame.

– To the five people who don’t like any of my favorites: f*ck you!

– I’m sure the results would have pleased me more if I had been able to extend the number of votes to three movies per person, but WordPress was a bitch and wouldn’t let me.

As for what I got from this little poll, well it’s nice to know how well most of these movies survived throughout the years in the public eye, but less than 70 votes with a limited format like this is hardly enough to draw any real conclusions regarding how my own anime-inclined fanbase feel about my personal choices in a different medium. I probably should have made the poll ask “which of these movies do you love?” and allow my readers to select as many choices as Wordpress would allow. Nevertheless, it was a nice little experiment and I’m happy to have tried it. And I’m happy that you guys love Pulp Fiction so much.

One response to “Wow, You Guys Really Love Pulp Fiction, Huh?

  1. Blues Brothers was actually my very close second pick, after Pulp Fiction. My father used to watch it a lot in the past, so I got to see it at least once a month since being five years old.

    I guess Pulp Fiction winning inevitable though, seeing how popular it still is today. Try finding someone who didn’t see it, as opposed to Blues Brothers.